How it Works

Our Process

Our experts commit to exceptional services with the following steps:

Your Ideas

In order for DK Total Home Solutions to begin the home or renovation process, we must have a complete understanding of what your finished home will be by understanding your lifestyle, matching your needs, and finally fulfilling your dream. Making the decision to build a custom home or do a renovation is very exciting but can also feel a little daunting, fortunately, we’re here every step of the way to assist you!

Our First Meeting

At your convenience, we meet you on-site to gather the information for the build or renovation. In this phase, we typically provide you with our industry credentials and discuss your design goals, building style preferences, conceptual drawings, budgetary concerns and the anticipated construction time-line for both parties. We will ensure to answer all questions you may have at this time. During the site visit, if it’s for a custom home build, we will also discuss issues such as location access, landscape and topography conditions, local ordinances or applicable building restrictions, positioning of the home, desired views, and privacy issues.


We use the information from the meeting to create a sketch design that meets your expectations. By this stage in the process we have developed a fairly thorough understanding of the building site or renovation, your design goals and preliminary construction budget and it is during this phase that we request a deposit for any additional design or architectural services to be performed. Both parties enter into a pre-construction agreement and we begin to discuss in greater detail the initial design plans as well as the preferred finishes, fixtures and appliances. This is also the point at which we provide you with a breakdown, which is based on conceptual drawings or preliminary blue prints.


To move forward with the building, we need a building permit, for which we further develop the building design and submit the information. Both parties execute a construction contract during this phase of the building process and we each firmly commit to moving forward with the project. We provide you with an itemized and detailed budget and proceed with obtaining any permissions, approvals or permits required by local regulatory authorities.


After the surveying and permitting processes have been finalized, we prepare the location and secure the site for building activity. For new home builds, the excavation work begins, the plumbing and electrical utilities are roughed-in, the foundation gets poured, the exterior and interior walls are framed and the roof goes up. The wall and ceiling finishes, window and door styles, lighting, cabinetry, counter tops, flooring and appliance selections are also finalized during the construction phase.

Alls Well That End's Well

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction lasts as long as our homes do and we’re not finished with the job until you tell us it’s absolutely perfect. Your new home is professionally cleaned prior to completing the final walk-through with you and we provide a hands-on demonstration and detailed homeowner’s manual to ensure your familiarity with the home's features and operating systems.